Milano Armchair - Low

Inspired by the iconic Isozaki Tower in Milan's CityLife district, the Milano armchair embodies elegant modernity and urban sophistication.

The internal structure of the armchair is crafted with Polimex®, a patented and exclusive technological solution from the manufacturing company Superevo. Polimex® is an ideal composite material for upholstered furniture, primarily composed of expanded polystyrene (EPS) and structural polyurethanes, providing both strength and lightness to the artifact. The Polimex® structure is then upholstered with natural Primofiore leather through manual processing.

For the bronze bases, prototypes were created in silicone using stereolithographic 3D printing (SLA). In SLA 3D printing, liquid resin is polymerized by a high-precision laser, achieving finer and more precise details compared to traditional 3D printers. Subsequently, using the silicone prototypes, bronze ground fusion was carried out by Fonderia Artistica Campagner, using natural sands according to the world's oldest fusion method.

Each piece in the collection will also be accompanied by a unique NFT certified on the blockchain.


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